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Youth Festival

Today, the Youth Festival has the objective to promote the meeting of man with God, through the beauty expressed in the artistic shows and Brazil’s natural and cultural richness. All the cultural and religious acts are strongly rooted in Catholic Christian faith, but go beyond: are acts that dialogue with the world and highlights the presence of the church in the society. Will be concerts and music shows, theater, dance and music that will integrate the Youth Festival, besides art exhibitions, cinema and natural and cultural visits to service of pilgrims.

Within the WYD, we will also have great spiritual moments, done by congregations and national and international movements. Churches, squares, public and private spaces, will be locals of the large gatherings of prayer and mission. Thus, the Youth Festival, could unite the different artistic expressions, with several moments of prayer, meditation and action, result of an experience of faith with Jesus Christ.

Tourist Sites

There are many tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, which is famous throughout the whole world and known for its beauty. The most well-known tourist sites include Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf, which are ready to welcome pilgrims for WYD.

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Throughout Rio, pilgrims will be evangelized with joy and enthusiasm through different shows, music festivals and concerts.

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The exhibitions presented at the Youth Festival seek to show the young how artists seek God through the arts, or how the exemplary lives of saints or the church can also help us to find Him.

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Young performers will present plays and musicals in different theaters throughout the city, thus transmitting the faith and culture of their country. In every expression, a smile, a tear, the universal language of young hearts is spoken.

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Religious activities and Meetings

The religious activities and the meetings are moments of spiritual encounter and religious, which are organized by religious movements, institutes, and congregations. They offer their spirituality not only to those youth who form part of their movements or communities, but to all of the...

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Church tours

In each church of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, a unique richness and indescribable beauty is waiting to be discovered by the pilgrims through the Faith Itineraries.

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The trails are a unique beauty of Rio de Janeiro and will lead the pilgrim to find God in nature, which is God´s great creation, as the book of Genesis teaches us. Depending on the trail, the pilgrim will travel along mountain trails, and through a slum in Rio de Janeiro.

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Just as the waves of the sea dance continuously by the edge of city of Rio de Janeiro, youth will dance throughout Rio de Janeiro, reflecting different cultures throughout the world. All dance styles, classical and modern, will transmit the zeal and enthusiasm of the Christian faith.

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Cinema Films

At WYD Rio Cinema, pilgrims and the general public are invited to enjoy a full schedule of activities related to cinema. There will be showings of more than fifty films, as well as premieres, testimonies of well-known people from cinema, and an impressive collection of soundtracks.

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