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Instruction to registrations


Why register?

Registration is the pilgrim’s gateway for an amazing experience at WYD Rio2013. It is through registration that young people officially become part of WYD Rio2013. This is how we know what the pilgrims require and we can best meet their needs (accommodation, meals, transportation...). That is why it is so important that you register and be a part of the incredible event that is WYD!

How to register

If you want to take part in WYD as a pilgrim, click here to register: http://www.rio2013.com/en/registration. Registering a group has to be done by the group leader. You will also have to add a second group leader during the registration. In mixed gender groups, it is best if one of the leaders is male and the other female. Each group may have a maximum of 50 members, including the leaders.


There is no limit to the number of pilgrims who wish to register; all are welcome to WYD Rio2013! It is important that pilgrim groups make their registration in advance and not last minute. It may occur that groups that register close to the date of the event will not have all the package options available.

I do not belong to any group. How can I register?

You can form a group of pilgrims or join a group already formed (in the diocese, city, parish, school, college, course, etc.). If it not possible for you to join a group, you may register individually by enrolling yourself as the group leader. And don’t worry – here in Rio during WYD there will be many young people around you so you will not feel alone and you will make a lot of new catholic friends!

Priest registration

Priests must register as pilgrims and, while registering, choose the “priest” option. It is also possible to serve at the confessions during WYD Rio2013. Later on further information will be sent.

Age limit for participation

World Youth Day is an event open to everyone. However, only those older than 14 years (by the first day of the event, July 23) will be able to officially register as pilgrims - and consequentially benefit from the accommodation, meals and transport options.


Pilgrim groups that wish to bring children under 14 years will be completely responsible for them, including their accommodation, meals and transport. The child will not be able to be registered as a pilgrim.


To find more information about this subject please go to the ‘pilgrim’ section then ‘information’ and ‘age issues’ or click the following link: http://www.rio2013.com/en/peregrinos/detalhes/1906/age-issues

I am registered in the volunteer system, but was not chosen. Do I need to make a new registration to participate at WYD?

Yes, if you were not chosen as a volunteer, we still wait for you to be a part of the WYD team as a pilgrim. You can do so by registering in the section ‘Join in’ and then choose ‘Pilgrim’. See you in July here in Rio de Janeiro!

Can I add more members to the group?

It is possible to add more members to the group as long as the total payment hasn’t been made. If the total payment has been made and you would still like to add more pilgrims, register a new group and then link those two groups together.

I need to modify data in the registration, how do I do it?

If the group has not made the total payment, it is possible to make modifications at any moment in the private area of the group. If you need to modify your data after you made your payment, please contact us at: questions.registration@rio2013.com.


Cancelling group members that have already made the total payment is not possible. However, if the payment has not yet been made the group leader can cancel the group members in the private area.

How can we know the pilgrim package prices?

There are different prices according to the type of package (which may or may not include accommodation and meals), and by country classification. To help ensure that pilgrims from economically poorer countries can participate in WYD, the countries are classified into classes A, B and C. Country classification and type of package define the prices. For specific prices, please see the FAQ section ‘Registration’ and in the ‘Registration of Pilgrims’ booklet on the 6th page you will find the information (http://www.rio2013.com/en/frequently-asked-questions/registration).


Our system does not allow installments. However, payments can be made in the following ways:


Payment of the total amount (i.e. the total amount is 100, referring to 50 group members in a group. Make the payment of 100 – payment in the total amount).


Partial payment (i.e. the total amount is 100, referring to 50 group members. Make a payment of 50, referring to 25 members. Later on make a payment of 10, referring to 5 members, and then make a payment of 40, referring to 20 members, completing the amount of 100. We hope that this solution will be helpful.

Everything about credit card payment

If you wish to pay using your credit card you can do so using Visa or MasterCard, as only those cards are accepted. More than one credit card may be used for a group registration.


If you have any problems, try talking to your bank. Alternatively try contacting us:



Everything about bank transfer payment

All bank transfer information must be printed from the private area of the group and be taken to the bank at the moment of payment.

Do not forget to indicate the transfer code in the document.


Most problems that people experience occur when:

1) The code doesn't match with your registration.

2) The number of packages are different from the number of people registered within your group.


To get in contact with the team in Rio, try emailing:



I can’t change the payment option anymore.

The update on the website may take a few days. Verify that the number of pilgrims for which you have made the payment corresponds with the number of pilgrims in the “group data”.

I have already paid but my group still appears as "payment pending"

The conciliation may take a few days. Verify that the number of pilgrims for which you have made the payment corresponds to the number of estimated pilgrims in the “group data”. If not, please correct it.

My group status is paid, what to do now?

If the status is paid, your group is officially enrolled and registered at the WYD Rio2013! Soon you will receive all information about WYD via email. Keep following all the news and other sections on our official website. See you very soon in Rio!

How to make the link between groups if my group has more than 50 people?

Groups with more than 50 people must be divided into subgroups of up to 50 group members, and then may be linked between each other through a main group.

First a main group must be chosen and it will provide the subgroups with its group ID and group name.

The subgroup then makes the request for link between groups in the private area of the group.

The main group will then receive an email to accept the request for the linking.

Does the link between groups ensure that they will stay together?

The link between groups does not guarantee the groups will stay together. The accommodation offered by COL (Local Organizing Committee) will be made according to the language region. Other factors may also be decisive, for example, the payment distance between the groups. Look at the frequently asked questions in the accommodation page for more information.

Visa needed for entering Brazil? How do I get the registration protocol to apply for a free visa?

Pilgrims from certain countries need a visa to enter Brazil. For more information, check the website or search for the Brazilian consulate in your country. Check in anticipation about the procedure for a visa application. This process can take a few days.


To obtain a free visa, the “registration protocol” must be printed for each pilgrim; it is available in the private area of the group.


You must complete the electronic form, available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or the website of the Brazilian embassy in your country. Then you need to take the necessary documents (the registration protocol, the passport, a picture of yourself, the equivalent travel document and other documents that the embassy will ask for) to the embassy in your country and apply for the visa.

Registration page access problems

Try using another computer or browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox…). If the problem persists, please email us at: questions.registration@rio2013.com

I have many doubts: WYD program, type of transportation, meals, how to know about all this?

Watch the video: http://www.rio2013.com/pt/multimidia/videos/1501/Diario-do-peregrino and remember there is nothing to worry about – the city of Rio will be full with people from all over the world that share the same Faith with you – you will not be alone having questions! If you still have questions during the event there will be many volunteers always available to help you. See you very soon in Rio de Janeiro!

Tour buses - What do I need to do? Where will the drivers stay?

Tour buses must have credentials and will not be allowed to travel in the city during the days of the event. We will contact the groups that use this type of transport with more information.


The drivers are the pilgrims’ responsibility. To get accommodation provided by WYD they must be registered as pilgrims along with the group and they will have the same accommodation as the pilgrims.

How to participate in the Missionary Week?

The official registration for Mission Week is exclusive for international pilgrims and is made through the private area of the group.


To participate in Mission Week, first get to know the dioceses through our official website: http://www.rio2013.com/en/mission-week


After choosing the Diocese, the group leader can register the group for mission week in the private area of the group in the “group data”.


For further information, contact the Diocese directly.


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