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Artistic shows during Main Events will show a young Church

2013-07-05 - MUSIC

The WYD Rio2013 Main Events will be filled with musical attractions. Brazilian and International artists will take turns on the stage. According to the Main Events music director, Ziza Fernandes, the program was planned to focus on the seven official languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Polish). It is expected for at least 300 artists to play on central stage in Copacabana and Guaratiba. The WYD Main Events are: Opening Mass, Papal Welcoming Ceremony, Stations of the Cross, Vigil, and Final Mass.

Singers from Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Costa Rica, Colombia and others will be responsible for enlivening the young people. The musical performances will be accompanied by the official band of WYD Rio2013 or by the Symphonic Orchestra of Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro.

Artists from many countries

Young people and their expression voices will be represented during artistic performances in the Main Events of the World Youth Day (WYD) Rio2013. “We want to translate the desires of young people as a whole, of the Church,” said the executive director of the WYD Main Events Department, Father Renato Martins, during a press conference. For him, culture and art are able to attract all young people.

The shows and artistic performances of the Main Events are inspired in the city Rio de Janeiro, but will try to represent all the world youth, said the director-general of the Stations of the Cross, Ulysses Cruz. “Let’s show the image of a young Church. Young people will be portrayed as an idea,” he explained.

Mass for pilgrims

The first Main Event will be the Opening Mass, a reception for the pilgrims, where singers of the host city will bring joy for WYD Rio2013. A 100 singers form the “Coral Carioca JMJ” (WYD Rio Choir); they belong to different city suburbs and were invited by the Main Events’ team responsible for representing the parishes of the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro and its music ministers. This is the first time that those artists will perform together.

Assessed by vocal coach Tony Lucchesi, the young singers who are 28 years old in average, will sing about 30 songs. In addition to the 100 singers, three international volunteers will be in the choir to sing the WYD Rio2013 Hymn in other languages.

On Thursday, July 25th, all Brazilian regions will be characterized musically by local artists. Among them, there will be a choir with about 60 children singing in Guarani, one of Brazil’s indigenous languages.

On Friday, July 26th, the Stations of the Cross, which will be staged in 13 venues around Copacabana beach, will be also represented with musical instruments on the main stage. Inspired by the works of Beethoven, the Pope’s favourite composer, melodies will mix classical and pop styles.

Saturday will be filled with musical performances. At different times in the program, pilgrims will be able to attend the rehearsal of the great flash mob that will be presented to Pope Francis on Sunday. Among the artists who will play at the Campus Fidei stage, are the musicians of the group Gen Rosso. They will perform a musical play that will feature 200 ex-drug addicts in the cast.

The Opening Mass for the pilgrims will be presided by Pope Francis and animated by “Coral Carioca” (Rio Choir) and singers from different countries who will perform liturgical songs. Before concluding, however, pilgrims will be animated by a Priests Concert, which will feature nine Brazilian priests-singers, among them Father Reginaldo Manzotti, Father Fábio de Melo and Father Marcelo Rossi.

“Show of Tomorrow”

With a new concept of building the future, the vigil in Campus Fidei, Guaratiba, promises to take the audience to experience great emotions. The Show of Tomorrow, with the program beginning at 10:30am on Saturday, July 27th, will bring to the stage great Catholic Musicians. Thirteen concerts will happen on Saturday with nearly 50 attractions combined. The program will continue until midnight, with an intermission for the vigil with Pope Francis. On Sunday, July 28th, are scheduled two concerts before Mass with the Holy Father and two after. Altogether, nearly 15 hours of attraction, according to the artistic director of Guaratiba’s events, Edson Erdmann. The artistic direction of the vigil is Ulysses Cruz.

It will be a concert to think about, according to Edson Erdmann. “There are a thousand ways to tell a story. The most original one is the one you will never forget. What we will do here is to tell an amazing story, genuine, created by who better tells stories: the pilgrims. We want to represent them on stage.”

Before each of the concerts will happen interventions with testimonials of volunteers and pilgrims who will present their views and wishes about love, hope, marriage, future, faith. “What I did was to create a concept for Saturday that was stronger than any other scenario, than any ballet, any music,” said Erdmann.

The video recordings of young people will be presented in LED totems spread across the stage. “Who leads the “Show of Tomorrow”, that is, the protagonist, are the young people of WYD and not our singers,” said Erdmann. The idea, according to Edson Erdmann, is to bring a different concept and make young people think about the issues of the future. “Young people tell how the future will be, how the show will be on stage and we will be at their service. It is a different concept,” he added.

Public safety

Ensuring public safety is a priority for WYD, said Father Renato. According to him, all the areas where the central acts will be followed and tracked with integrated support of several police forces. The Military Police and the Municipal Guards will have a closer responsibility to the pilgrims.

About the protests that are happening in Rio de Janeiro and other cities of the country, Father Renato only said it was important for the youth to express their opinions.

Check out the list of artists participating in:

July 23:
“Coral Carioca JMJ”, Ministério Missionário Shalom, Suely Façanha, Davidson Silva, Cristiano Pinheiro, Ana Gabriela, Alfareros, Rodrigo Ferreira (Missão Louvor e Glória), Eros Biondini, Francisco Avello, Celina Borges, Migueli, Rex Band e Orquestra Sinfônica de Barra Mansa.

July 25:
Rex Band (India), Migueli (Spain), Matt Maher (EUA), Padre Fábio de Melo, Francisco Avello (Chile), Adriana Arydes, Rosa de Saron, Rodrigo Ferreira e Daniel, Tony Alysson, Tony Melendez (EUA/ Nicaragua), Olivia, Jon Carlo (Dominican Republic), Athenas (Argentina), Diego Fernandes, Kiki Troia (Argentina), Son by 4 (Puerto Rico), Daniel Poli (Argentina), Martin Valverde (Costa Rica / Mexico), Judy Bailey (Germany), Bruno Camurati, Cardiac Movie (Germany), Dunga e Eliana Ribeiro.

July 26:
Martín Valverde (Costa Rica / Mexico), Kiki Troia (Argentina), Judy Bailey (Germany), Matt Maher (Estados Unidos), Son By Four (Puerto Rico), Cardiac Move (Germany), Martin Duarte (Argentina), Ziza Fernandes (Brazil), Banda Vida Reluz (Brazil), Cantores de Deus (Brazil), Olívia Ferreira (Brazil), Irmã Kelly Patrícia (Brazil), Ricardo Sá/ Comunidade Canção Nova (Brazil), Dunga/ Comunidade Canção Nova (Brazil), Eliana Ribeiro/ Comunidade Canção Nova (Brazil), Nelsinho/ Comunidade Canção Nova (Brazil), Márcio Pacheco (Brazil), Flavinho (Brazil), DJ Odilon (Brazil), DJ Piedade (Brazil), DJ Gogan (Brazil).

July 27:
Banda Missionário Shalom, CCC – Catolic Culture Comunnity, Banda Dom, Adriana Arydes, Padre Reginaldo Manzotti, Allyson Castro, The Flanders, Banda Dominus, Luan Santana, Irmã Kelly Patrícia, Padre Marcelo Rossi, Iahweh, Ziza Fernandes, Martin Duarte, Diego Fernandes, Athenas, Tony Allyson, Flaviane Montenegro, Leandro Souza, Olivia Ferreira, Nazaré Araújo, Miguelli, Eugênio Jorge, Daniel Poli, Padre Fábio de Melo, Anjos de Resgate, Celina Borges, Dunga, Eliana Ribeiro, Rosa de Saron, Alessandra Salles, Gil Monteiro, Nando Mendes, Cantores de Deus, Ministério Amor e Adoração, Tony Melendez, Martin Valverde, Kiki Troia, Cardiac Movie, Jon Carlo, Paco Aranda, Alfareros, Palo Santo, Son by four, Judy Bailey, Rex Band, Gen Rosso e Comunidade Taizé.

July 28:
Ministério Adoração e Vida, Polyana Demori, Padre. Cleidimar Moreira, Padre Fábio de Melo; Padre Omar Raposo; Padre Marcelo Rossi; Padre Reginaldo Manzotti; Padre Jorjão; Padre Antônio Maria; Padre Joãozinho; Adriana Arydes, Olívia Ferreira, Márcio Pacheco, Eliana Ribeiro, Dunga, Ricardo Sá, Marcelo Duarte, Anjos de Resgate, Padre Marcelo Rossi, Padre. Reginaldo Manzotti, Leandro Souza, Eugênio Jorge, Ziza Fernandes, Padre Gleuson Gomes, Padre Juarez de Castro, Celina Borges, Eros Biondini, Suely Façanha, Ir. Kelly Patrícia, Cristiano Pinheiro, Davidson Silva, Missionário Shalom, Luiz Carvalho, Martin Valverde, Soledad, Axel, Larissa Viana. Banda Rosa de Saron e Banda Dominus.

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