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Rio to leave legacy as Guaratiba is chosen for one of the Main Events

2012-11-28 - WYD

The biggest news about II WYD Preparatory Meeting in this Wednesday morning, 28th, was the divulgation of where Vigil and WYD Rio2013 Sending Mass will take place: Guaratiba. At that moment, Government and Church authorities were there.

The table was composed by the president of Pontifical Council for the Laity,Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro and chairman of LocalOrganizing Committee (COL), Don Orani João Tempesta, General Bureau ofPresidency of Republic minister, Gilberto Carvalho, mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro,Eduardo Paes and The Holy See Brazilian Embassador, Almir Franco de Sá Barbuda.

The minister Gilberto Carvalho emphasized the joy of Brazil hosting WYD: “Atthis moment, I have the honor to bring greetings from the President Dilma Rousseff.Many times, she expressed gratitude and brazilian honor being elected to host theWYD. For us the realization of WYD in Brazil has a big historical significance”,highlighted Gilberto Carvalho.

The minister emphasized that WYD significant goes beyond of a religiousmeeting, he put in the perspective of a society new model construction, referring tovalues that WYD brings.

The mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes officialized the placechoice giving two contracts of the two places that will host WYD and emphasized thatmake Vigil and Mass in the region of Guaratiba is a great thing.

“WYD Central Meeting will take place exactly in a part of the city that needsfrom public authorities and from all of us the greatest attention, then make the WYD inthe western part of the city, in Guaratiba, undoubtely, is a proof of the important rolethat WYD has in our city as well”, highlighted Paes.

Don Orani exposed Guaratiba developments hosting the Main Events. “I think that our concerning about a kind look at this part of the city, Guaratiba, that is also inWestern Vicarage that has been totally reformed by political sphere. We are very closeto federal, state and municipal government here in Brazil for this beautiful serviceworking for people and WYD young people”, Don Orani said.

The Holy See Brazilian Embassador, Almir Franco de Sá Barbuda, emphasizedthat the partnership between Church and Government is one of WYD successimprovers. “WYD is the greatest event regularly promoted by Church worldwide andbrazilian support has been demonstrated at this table by mayor and minister Gilberto Carvalho attendance. I should like to compliment everybody, specially Don Orani andCardinal Rilko and all organizing committee for the magnific meeting organization. Ithink that it is a good illustration of how WYD will be here in Brazil”, stressed Barbuda.

The president of PCL finished by saying excitedly that Supreme Pontiff follows WYD organization with great enthusiasm and responsibility. “I want to ensure that the Holy Priest is carefully following the preparation. He links this event to Church bighopes, great evangelization path in this Faith Year. This is a very important context”, the Cardinal said.

This morning also had a moment with all COL directors presence to solve delegates doubts and give important information about WYD.

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From the bird's-eye view of the location, it looks a lot bigger than that of Madrid 2011, I wonder what will the weather be like for the time JMJ Rio 2013 is being held. I know it is too early to tell, but I am to excited for this. I will be crying if I cannot go there next year.

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