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2013-05-03 - PROGRAM

The Official Program

The official program is very diverse and offers a lot of exciting events. Besides the Main Events with our Holy Father, the pilgrims are invited to attend catechesis with the bishops in the morning, explore the vocations fair, enjoy the youth festivals and much more. In the afternoons, they are welcome to participate in a multitude of cultural events.

1 Main Events

The Main Events are composed of five separate events, which are at the heart of WYD Rio2013. At each of these five events, all the pilgrims will meet in one place, which will make for an amazing experience of unity and diversity. The five Main Events are as follows:

1.1 Opening Mass 23 July, Copacabana Beach 

The first ceremony of WYD Rio2013 is the official Welcome to all the pilgrims from around the world. It will be celebrated by the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Orani João Tempesta, at Copacabana Beach. At this event, the archbishop will welcome all young people who have come to Rio to attend WYD. It will be the only Main Event in which the Pope will not participate.

1.2 Papal Welcoming Ceremony 25 July, Copacabana Beach 

The second Main Event is the most anticipated event of WYD for many people. It is the first meeting between the Pope and the youth. Pilgrims from five continents welcome the Successor of Peter. As it is not a Mass, there will be a prayer service to proclaim the Word of God. The local archbishop will welcome the Pope.

1.3 Way of the Cross 26 July, Copacabana Beach 

At the Way of the Cross, the final hours of Jesus’ life will be re-enacted. This is an ancient tradition of the Church, involving prayer, meditation and reflection on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Way of the Cross is a time for remembering God’s love for us.

1.4 Vigil 27 July, Campus Fidei

All of the pilgrims will head to Guaratiba, west from the city center of Rio de Janeiro, to participate in the evening Vigil with the Pope. The place was especially prepared for WYD Rio and is called Campus Fidei, which means Faith Field.

The Vigil will be a great time of praise, worship and testimonies. From here, youth from all over the world will stay, pray and reflect on the mission that will be given to me on the next day: to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.

The Campus Fidei will have three entrances; the field will be divided into zones for roughly 30 and 50 thousand pilgrims each. The zones will have ‘service points’ with bathrooms, water dispenser, medical points, television screens, sound, food points, adoration tents and gift shops.

To avoid pilgrims having to move a lot to use the service points, there might be two service points depending on the size of the zone. There will be around 59 service points distributed in the 37 zones. The pilgrims that are registered will receive the food kit (picnic pack) at the entrance to the Campus Fidei.

1.5 Final Mass 28 July, Campus Fidei

This is the last main event of WYD. After sleeping at Campus Fidei, the pilgrims will wake up to prepare for the Holy Mass, presided over by our Holy Father, to thank the Lord for WYD Rio. On the stage there will prayers as well as artistic and cultural presentations.

The Pope will arrive in a helicopter again and ride amongst the pilgrims in the Popemobile, making his way to the stage where the altar will be ready for the Holy Mass. He will bless the audience and send them out to the world for the missions that begin after the event. At the end of the Mass, the Holy Father will also announce the place where the next WYD will be held.

2 Catecheses

Over 300 places have been registered for delivering catechesis around the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. The catechesis will be delivered by Bishops assigned by the Pontifício Conselho para os Leigos, which is the central organizing committee of WYD. These places will be announced 30 days before the beginning of the WYD.

Pilgrims will be lodged near the places of the catechesis according to the language they speak. Catechesis will be held in the morning on the 24th, 25th and 26th of July. Breakfast will be served at the places of the catechesis, even for those who have chosen not to use accommodation provided by WYD organization.

3 The Youth Festival

The Youth Festival will take place in different areas of Rio de Janeiro, between the 22nd and the 26th of July (never overlapping the time dedicated to catechesis and the Main Events). Several events will share artistic, religious and spiritual experiences related to life and faith of the youth from all over the world. According to this criteria, besides opportunities to pray, the Youth Festival may also include expositions, vigils, adoration, concerts, recitals, films, music, dance, plays as well as moments for sharing proposed by the episcopal conferences and by movements, associations, catholic communities and religious congregations.

4 Vocations Fair

The vocation Fair is an event during the official program that aims to offer opportunity for the youth to ask themselves about what God expects from them. There will be 130 people working at the stands, with 150 stands, 50 confessionals, stages for concerts, workshops and a tent for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. There will also be a food court that will serve as a meeting area to make new friends or chat.

5 Accommodation

Family houses, parishes, public and private schools, universities, sport halls, houses that can be rented for parties and community centers that will be available to host pilgrims. As mentioned before, pilgrims will be lodged in areas divided according to the language spoken.

Two kinds of accommodation are being offered: “simple” (includes accommodation) and “alternative” (option for those who will arrange their own accommodation) . The choice is made upon the registration.

People who choose the “simple” module must pack sleeping bags and small mats as they will be lodged in family houses, parishes, public and private schools, universities, sport halls, houses that can be rented for parties and community centers. All of them offer water, bathrooms and showers.

The lodging will be available from Sunday 21 July, at 2pm, until Wednesday 31 July, at noon.

Pilgrim groups will be allocated according to the language spoken.

Those who prefer to stay at hotels must make reservations at their own cost. The management of the reservations is not integrated to the online registration. However, COL recommends two travel agencies: TAM Viagens and Havas Creative Tours.

Everyone, no matter the choice of accommodation, must have a sleeping bag or mat for the night out on Saturday 27 July during the vigil on Campus Fidei in Guaratiba.

6 Official Schedule in brief

July 23

16:00 The event begins in Copacabana with prayers and musical performances

18:30 Opening Ceremony of WYD Rio2013

19:00 Mass, presided by the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Orani João Tempesta

July 24

09:00 Catecheses with the Bishops, divided by languages

July 25

09:00 Catecheses with the Bishops, divided by languages

15:00 Beginning of Papal Welcoming Ceremony

18:00 Arrival of Pope Francis

19:30 Musical performances

July 26

09:00 Catecheses with the Bishops, divided by languages

15:00 Beginning of event in Copacabana

17:00 Arrival of Pope Francis to Copacabana Beach and start of Way of the Cross

19:30 Musical performances

July 27

19:00 Beginning of Vigil with Pope Francis

21:00 Musical performances

July 28

07:00 Beginning of event with the praying of Laudes

09:30 Arrival of the Pope to the event

10:00 Final Mass with the young people


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